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Discover Vallea Lumina in Whistler: 2021 Update

Vallea Lumina Whistler 2021 Update Header

We are all about unique and exciting experiences, and it’s why we keep going back to Vallea Lumina in Whistler. This is one of Whistler’s most illuminating (get it?) outdoor adventures. It’s back for another summer, and Vallea Lumina Whistler in 2021 won’t disappoint.

What is this epic Whistler Light Show? From the first step to the last, Vallea Lumina is an otherworldly adventure. It’s perfect for date nights, stagettes, and families. It’s a total reimagining a nighttime forest walk in a surreal way. 

Out of all the activities in Whistler, this is one you’ve never experienced before. 

Want our Hot Vallea Lumina Review?

It’s magical! Our Mom loved it! Our date loved it! It’s if you landed on another planet or stepped through your screen and into a fantasy movie. You’ll find a world of captivating light shows, exciting structures, and an intriguing storyline. 

We give it a 10/10 — would do again (and again).

All About Whistler’s Vallea Lumina  


Vallea Lumina means valley of light in Italian. It uses multimedia sources to bring you a nighttime outing that is family-friendly and fun for all ages. 

Once the sun has gone down and all-natural light disappears from the sky, Cougar Mountain’s old-growth forest is magically illuminated, revealing hidden wonders via magnificent feats of light, architecture, and unique sounds and effects.

As you walk along the enchanted path, follow a decades-old mystery of two lost hikers. 

The intriguing storyline is brought to life through an incredible light show,. Expect holograms, music, sound effects, theatrical lighting, and interactive activities. 

Vallea Lumina Whistler, Brought to You By The Adventure Group

Night time image of vallea lumina, purple lighting, night walk

A dreamy illuminated landscape at Vallea Lumina. Photo: TAG Whistler

The Vallea Lumina night walk is a creation of Moment Factory in collaboration with The Adventure Group in Whistler. 

The Moment Factory is an award-winning and innovative multimedia entertainment studio specializing in creating immersive and captivating environments, aiming to create new and memorable experiences.

Moment Factory also has a pretty impressive clientele list that includes Madonna, Nine Inch Nails, Ed Sheeran, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more.

Their team consists of professionals in engineering, visual art, storytelling, video, and lighting.

Joey Houssian, the company’s founder, aims to create an experience that brings people of all ages and walks of life together to connect with the natural world around them. 

The project combines video, sound, and special effects, architecture, and lighting with the natural beauty of the old-growth forest to create a one-of-a-kind show.

Following the Moment Factory’s success of seven other night walks in multiple locations, Vallea Lumina is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Whistler during the summer (and the winter!)

What to Expect On Your Night Time Lumina Adventure  

Summer Vallea Lumina Details

  • Open: Daily, Sundown to 11 PM 
  • Adults: $34.99 
  • Youth: $29.99
  • Children: Free
  • Length: 1.5 km of forest trail (40 to 60 minutes, depending on speed)

Winter Vallea Lumina Details

** Details May Change for 2021/2022 season**

  • Open: Daily, Sundown to 11 PM 
  • Adults: $29.99
  • Youth: $24.99 
  • Children: Free
  • Length: 1 km of forest trail (40 to 60 minutes, depending on speed)

What’s the Best Time to Go to Vallea Lumina?

The walks start at sundown each day and begin every 20 minutes. The last call is around 11 PM, depending on the season. For example, the first tickets start at 10 PM in July, 9:20 PM in August, and 8:20 PM in September.

If you have kids, earlier is always better. It’s likely already past their bedtime, so aim for the 9 PM to 10 PM start times to get those kiddos off to bed sooner, rather than later.

If it’s date night, aim for later. You can always start with dinner and drinks, then hit the later showtimes. You’ll miss the kids and get a more intimate experience.

What’s the Vallea Lumina Trail Like?

Winter purple lighting Vallea lumina night walk.

Wear good winter boots, and ski gear to stay warm during the winter season.

This self-guided illuminated walk is approximately 1.5km long in summer and a bit shorter in winter. Depending on how fast you walk, it can last between 40 to 80 minutes.

The trail is what they call “undulating” meaning, it’s wide and easy to walk but does have some incline and decline sections. In the summer, the trail has several steep staircases, which means you cannot take strollers.

In the winter, depending on the weather, you can expect icy conditions along the trails. There is a single steep stairway. Wear appropriate footwear.

What Should I Wear to Vallea Lumina?

Rain or shine (or snow!) Vallea Lumina is operational. In the summer, bring light layers to keep warm after dark. If it’s raining, make sure you pack a rain jacket (with a hood!) and waterproof shoes. Umbrellas are not permitted.

In the winter, even if it’s freezing outside, it’s still going strong. Wear all your ski gear and winter boots to stay warm. Bundle the kids up with hand warmers and a hot chocolate from base camp to make sure they don’t get too chilly.

How Do I Get to Cougar Mountain?

Vallea Lumina is located about ten minutes north of Whistler at The Adventure Group’s Cougar Mountain base. Pre-covid, there was a complimentary shuttle at the Blackcomb Day Lodge or the Gondola Transit Exchange — but times change!

Now, guests must drive to Cougar Mountain themselves (you can also book with a local limo or taxi company). Follow any map app directions to “Sixteen Mile Creek Forest Service Road, Whistler BC.” At the highway, you’ll by guided up the short road to Cougar Mountain Base Camp. 

… What Do I Actually Do Once I Get There?

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with welcoming warm fires, music, activities, and a concession stand that sells snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. 

The walk is self-guided (there are park rangers along the way should you need assistance). It normally takes about an hour to complete.

There are wooden benches and logs along the path if you need a breather or simply want to take an extra moment to observe the display.

There are washrooms at the beginning (and end) of the trail. Use them wisely before you get started.

Are There Vallea Lumina Coupons?

Our recommendation is to keep a close eye on the usual coupon sites like Groupon. Look for Vallea Lumina and TAG (The Adventure Group), as they would both apply.

Another hot tip? Do you have a Costco Membership? Apparently, there are TAG Vouchers available for members. Not redeemable with other discounts. 

They are redeemable for several TAG activities, including Superfly Ziplines, Vallea Lumina, Aerial Obstacle Course, Snowmobile Tours or Snowshoe Tours.

COVID-19 Updates to Vallea Lumina for 2021

As an outdoor adventure, Vallea Lumnia has always been uniquely suited to this new normal that we operate in.

But, as added measures, TAG has adopted specific health and safety protocols to keep you, your family, and the staff safe. Before you go, please note the following safety measures are now in place:

  • A non-invasive temperature check is required
  • Masks are required throughout the property and for the entire duration of your experience.
  • Masks will be provided, or you can bring your own.

The biggest difference for any return visitors in the summer of 2021 is the lack of provided shuttle. Vallea Lumina is no longer providing shuttle service to Cougar Mountain to reduce unnecessary contact between different groups. 

Families and groups now need to drive themselves, following Google Maps directions to “Sixteen Mile Creek Forest Service Road, Whistler BC.” 

Once you turn off the highway, signs for Cougar Mountain take you to the easy-to-find base camp. Free parking is provided at the Base Camp. Cougar Mountain is about 10 minutes from Whistler Village and about 16 from Creekside. 

For a full breakdown of their COVID-19 precautions, check out their COVID-19 Management Program.

How to Make the Vallea Lumina a Family Adventure 

Entry to Vallea Lumina at Cougar Mountain. Night walk

Put on something warm, grab a hot chocolate and hit this awesome family adventure.

There are many family activities suitable for children in Whistler, but few in the evening hours. 

Based on our experience on the Vallea Lumina trails, it’s a perfect destination for the entire family, young and old alike. 

While it might be a little past bedtime, keep the kids up that extra hour on your vacation for a special treat. Kids under 5 are free, and youths ages 6-15 are $24.99 (winter) and $29.99 (summer).

Because Vallea Lumina opens at sundown, it can get chilly. Zip the kids into their PJs before you hit the road to Cougar Mountain. Wandering around the ancient forests late at night in their PJs will surely add to the experience for the young ones.

But, bring along extra sweaters and hats — just in case. Better too warm, then too cold! 

Grab a hot chocolate treat at the Cougar Mountain concession stand (chocolate before bed!?) or grab something a little less energizing in the Village before you head out. 

Because there are no bathrooms along the trail, we also recommended making a pee pit stop before heading out through the illuminated walk.

For children, keep in mind that the walk can take upwards of 70 minutes. For toddlers, consider a backpack carrier as a backup. Remember, no strollers are allowed due to the stairs.

The best part of the entire night? By the time the adventure is winding down, the kiddos might have walked off the hot chocolate and drift off to sleep on the way home.

How to Build the Perfect Date Night with Vallea Lumina 2021

Want to incorporate Vallea Lumina into the perfect date night in Whistler? We have some excellent suggestions to make your night extra special, beginning with a tasty dinner.

Begin your night at Alta Bistro, a modern and BC-infused take on the classic French Bistro. 

The ambiance here is warm and romantic, with a menu that’s impressive both in terms of taste as well as presentation. Small and intimate, this convivial restaurant offers an elegant ambiance and eclectic variety of foods.

They are currently operating Tuesday to Saturday, with dinner starting at 5:30 PM. From their famous smoked olives to locally sourced oysters to the Alta Cheeseburger, there is something for every kind of date night.

Want to get impressive for date night in Whistler? Order the Chef’s Five Course Menu. Priced at $89, you’ll get the best of what Alta Bistro has on offer.

Finish dinner off with an espresso-infused Affogato cocktail (to help get you ready for the long forest walk). Just give yourself at least 20 minutes to get to Cougar Mountain to get your start time!

If you want to stay at your hotel or Airbnb, Alta Bistro also does Order to Go.

Need more date night in Whistler ideas? We got em’!

Vallea Lumina in Whistler is Our Favourite Nighttime Adventure!

Whether you’re planning a date, family night, group activity, or just looking for a little extra magic in your life, Vallea Lumina is sure to deliver an awe-inspiring experience to remember.