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Ski Rentals Near Me? Where to Rent Skis & Snowboards in Whistler

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If you’ve ever tried to drag a ski bag through an airport, you’ll know why Whistler Blackcomb ski rentals are a dime a dozen. 

Nobody’s got time for the hassle, the cost, and the pain of lugging your ski gear around on airplanes, which is why there are loads of options for ski and snowboard rentals in Whistler. 

Of course, the cost of whistler ski rentals and lift tickets can be a pricy combination. So we’ve dived into the price of ski rentals in Whistler (and rental deals) for the 2021/22 season. This is where to final rentals, what prices to expect, and how to save.

Hint: Once you’ve chosen the perfect skis, we can also help you find the right lift ticket, understand the snow report and plan the first chairlifts of your trip. ‘Cos we’re good like that.

Choosing the Best Equipment for Seasonal Ski Season Conditions

The ski season in Whistler is long and varied. It’s also very different from ski seasons in other parts of the world like the Alps or Japan. 

Rather than bringing your trusty old all-mountain carvers, rent some gear that will truly make the most of Whistler’s unique snow. 

Below you’ll find a quick rundown of the season (and what to rent) here. The good news is that most shops allow for free gear swaps, should you need a different approach. For a more in-depth look, please read our complete guide to the whole Whistler ski season.

Early Season (November – December)

Conditions: Early season means that despite lots of snow falling from the sky, there isn’t that much of it on the ground yet. Rocks and trees are still exposed in places. And you may find some runs still closed due to lack of snow, especially in November.

What to Rent: With all the powder, we’d recommend renting fatter skis or snowboards than you’ve used elsewhere. They’re hugely popular here in Whistler. 

The extra width and rockered shape will help you float effortlessly over the pow (rather than falling gracelessly through it). And we’d recommend renting in the early season. No one wants to ruin their favourite pair of skis on a poorly covered rock.

High Season (January – February)

Conditions: By January, a serious base of snow has arrived! This means the whole mountain is open for you to explore. 

With regular fresh snowfall and cold temperatures, conditions are generally excellent this time of year. Whether you like carving pistes, slashing through powder or bouncing through the trees, you’ll find something to suit you here.

What to Rent: We’ll never say no to a fat powder ski or board here in Whistler. But this can also be prime time for cruising the groomers. Lots of rental shops will let you trade-in your gear between days. 

So mix it up and choose a fat ski for powder days and a stiff, agile carver when there are bluebird skies.

Late Season (March-May)

Conditions: Spring can mean anything in Whistler! Generally, the snow on the lower half of the mountain will start to melt, while the alpine keeps good, cold snow.

Expect lots of spring slush and great groomer skiing in the morning. This is also the best time of year to head to the terrain park and learn some new tricks!

What to Rent: As the snowfall slows, we’d recommend a good all-mountain ski/board for the time of year. Then, you’ll have the adaptability to ski from deep powder in the alpine to spring slush in the Village in one smooth run. 

It’s always worth trying a set-up designed for the park if that’s your bag: lighter, more flexible gear will help you get airborne and save your legs.

Whistler Ski Rental Prices

Renting skis in Whistler doesn’t have to be too expensive. Especially when you compare it to the price of flying a colossal ski bag internationally. The price of your rental will depend on:

  • Ability and Performance: Beginner rentals are always cheaper than high-performance options
  • Multi-Day Discounts: Discounts apply when you book skis for three, four, and more days
  • Season: Rentals can get more expensive in peak season than the quieter shoulder seasons
  • Book Online: If you book online and in advance, you can get up to 45 percent off!

That’s very reasonable, especially considering how much a ski trip costs in total. On the other hand, premium rentals of this season’s high-end gear can cost closer to $100 per person. However, we do have a few tips for keeping your rental cost down, including:

  • Book early. Most ski shops will offer up to a 20% discount if you reserve online before arriving.
  • Do your research. Shop around and find the package that’s best for you. Multi-day, package, and delivery/pick up are all options depending on the company.
  • Bring your own gear. You can save a lot of money by bringing your own helmet, jacket, pants, poles and even boots. 

Where to Rent Skis and Snowboards in Whistler 

Do your homework, and save a long walk around the Village looking for skis. Check out these Whistler ski rental shops that we love. They all offer great service, great skis and great local mountain tips. Book before you arrive to make things even easier and save some cash.

As you Google around for whistler Blackcomb ski rentals, you’ll quickly notice that the resort has funnelled many rental shops and their ski inventory into a single service: Epic Mountain Rentals. 

Spicy Sports

Spicy Sports Ski and Board rentals Whistler

One of our favourite ski rental locations in Whistler

Proudly locally owned and operated since 1992, Spicy Sports have a reputation among the ski rentals in Whistler for excellent customer service. They also have a huge range of the most popular, high-end skis every season. 

Choose the Head KORE 105 for the best pow-day ever or Foon Maverick for the gnarliest lines in Pemberton’s backcountry. 

If you need additional gear, think jackets, boots, helmets, etc., you can also hit them up.

  • Price: Beginner skis Performance $44 per day. Sports $32 per day. Kids $20 per day.
  • Location: Whistler Village Square (4205 Village Square) and Upper Village (Spicy Sports Blackcomb (4557 Blackcomb Way)
  • You should know: Book online to save 20% on walk-in prices

Summit Sports Ski Rental Service

Whistler’s biggest ski and snowboard rental shop also boasts the best location. Epic Mountain Rentals now manages online bookings for Summit Sports. But its location is still just a few metres from the gondolas, saving your feet from the dreaded ski-boot walk through Whistler Village. 

Summit has a huge rental store that stocks big-name, respected brands like K2, Volkl, and Rossignol, with options for everyone from beginners to pros.

  • Price: Sport skis $53 per day. Performance skis $69 per day. Demos $77 per day.
  • Location: Hilton Whistler Resort, just 50m from the Whistler Village Gondola.
  • You should know: Summit offers discounts for groups of 10 or more. Walk-in prices are 20 percent more. Pass holders also get 20 percent off walk-in prices.
  • On-Snow Valet Available: Don’t want to lug gear around? Easy! Leave your gear on the mountain. Ask a team member for pricing.

Ski Butlers in Whistler

Committed to customer service, Ski Butlers ski, snowboard, and gear rentals offer everything you need for your vacation in Whistler, and then some. 

The core of their business model is that delivery is built into every rental. Book your ski or snowboard rental before you arrive, and have everything you need to hit the mountain delivered right on time.

They carry high-end ski and snowboard brands like Rossignol’s Blackops (skis) and the One LF (snowboard). Plus, if you care about the environment, they are proud supporters of POW, Mountain Town 2030, and Project Drawdown.

  • Price: Performance skis $69 per day. Intermediate skis $59 per day. Novice skis $49 per day. Junior skis $35 per day.
  • Location: Sundial Place, a five-minute walk from the Whistler Gondola
  • You should know: Easy to book online, fitting services at your accomodation.

Affinity Rentals

This is a ski and snowboard rental company with additional few perks. First, Affinity Rentals offer free equipment exchanges if you discover the first set wasn’t perfect for your style or mountain conditions. 

Second, they offer overnight storage at the shop, so you never have to lug your equipment back to your accommodation. Third, if you book online in advance, you save 25 percent off the walk-in prices.

Affinity also has six super convenient locations, spread through the Village, often located within a hotel. They recommend dropping by in the evening to get your gear fitted and set up for the next day.

  • Price: Demo skis $56 per day. Performance skis $56 per day, Sport skis $40 per day.
  • Location: 6 Locations to choose from! Blackcomb Lodge (4220 Gateway Drive), Glacier Lodge (4573 Chateau Boulevard), Pan Pacific Mountainside Hotel (4320 Sundial Crescent), Pinnacle Hotel (107-4319 Main St), Cascade Lodge (4315 Northlands Blv), Clock Tower Inn (4262 Village Stroll)
  • You should know: Save 25 percent when you book in advance and an additional 20 percent with your pass.

Black Tie Ski Rentals Whistler

Black Tie Rentals in Whistler

Black Tie is a VIP rental experiences, including in room fittings.

One of Whistler’s favourite VIP rental services, Black Tie Rentals, bring everything you need to your hotel, chalet, or Airbnb. Their concierges do a complete in-room gear fitting before you step on the mountain.

They have also opened a boutique gear and rental store at Le Chamois Hotel, which is at the base of Wizard Chair. This supports a slopeside service, for when conditions change, your gear needs tweaking. 

Black tie offers a wide variety of high performance, intermediate, and backcountry equipment, suitable to all-terrain and any snow condition.

  • Price: Demo skis $75.65 per day. Performance skis $99.66 per day. High Performance skis $111.81 per day.
  • Location: Main location (5-8056 Nesters Road), Slopeside Service (4557 Blackcomb Way #112)
  • You should know: Save 45 percent if you book before the start of the season.

Premium Rentals

One of Whistler’s newest rental shops, Premium Rentals, offers some of the most extensive equipment inventories in town. As you book, you have the option to choose between demo, performance, sport, backcountry, junior, and junior performance. 

As a skier, you’ll appreciate the best in class equipment from 

  • Price: Demo skis $57 per day. Performance skis $48 per day. Backcountry skis $60 per day. Junior skis $26 per day
  • Location: 4154 village green, unit 114
  • You should know: Save 30 percent off for booking in advance, and substantial multi-day discounts.

Coastal Culture

Front facing entrance to Coastal Culture

Perhaps our personal favourite? Get your gear at Coastal Culture!

Are you staying in Creekside? Book your rentals from Coastal Culture and then head straight to the Creekside Gondola, less than five minutes away. They carry snowboard brands like Capita, Nitro, Ride and K2, and skis from Armada, Black Crows, K2 Skis, HEAD and Nordica.

Coastal Culture is full of awesome, friendly locals who know a lot about snowboards. They’ll kit you up and brighten your morning. Plus, they’ll let you “try before you buy,” so you’ll be sure to get the right gear.

  • Price: Performance skis $62 per day ($83 with boots). Sport skis $42 per day ($59 with boots).
  • Location: Creekside village, 2010 London Lane
  • You should know: You can also rent jackets, pants and a helmet if needed. Multi-day discounts are also available.


An old-timer by Whistler standards, Evolution has been doing their thing here since 1994. 

Truly independent and still locally-owned, they pride themselves on stocking progressive snowboard brands: Split boards, performance boards, and skis.

You’ll find the latest models from Jones, Libtech, Nitro, Gnu and Capita here, including the gnarly Jones Splitboard Women’s Solution, the top women’s split board.

  • Price: Starting at $59.99 per day, Splitboards $90 per day
  • Location: Village Green – five minutes from the Whistler Village Gondola
  • You should know: Evolution doesn’t rent boots, so bring your own (you’ll be far more comfortable anyway).

Prior Snow

Prior is a legendary Whistler snowboard factory best known for its top-class, stunningly attractive snowboards. Every year, they even run a design competition where local artists compete to have their work featured on the newest board. 

Alongside selling custom-made, handcrafted boards, they also offer demos. For the discerning rider who wants to try the best, a stop at Prior is a must.

  • Price: Give Prior a call if you want to demo aboard
  • Location: Function Junction – 15 minutes drive south of Whistler village
  • You should know: Even if you aren’t renting, Prior offers free factory tours twice per week. You can see how their custom boards are made meticulously, just minutes from the slopes.

Whistler Ski and Snowboard Rentals: Make Your Trip an Easy One

As you plan your Whistler ski holiday, rest assured you won’t need to panic about rentals. One quick search for “snowboard rentals near me” and “ski rentals near me,” and you’ll see why.

A few tips for securing the best equipment at the lowest price: book early, shop around and bring as much gear as you can to get the best deals. 

And don’t forget, renting isn’t just for beginners. Whistler offers loads of premium high-performance rentals that can lead to ski days you’ll never forget.