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Forged Axe Throwing in the News 2018

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Over the last few years, and most excitingly over the past few months, we’ve had a few notable people turn up in our arena. Not only is hucking axes at targets satisfying, its noteworthy (and incredibly photo-worthy!), and now we keep seeing our photos pop up everywhere!

We are grateful that our local community, as well as the international travelers, have taken such a liking to the sport of axe throwing. It’s nice to know we can introduce people to the game, teach them the basics, and send them off into the world to continue hucking axes at things in countries far and wide. Stay safe kids! 

While we don’t want to toot our own horn, we also want to send thanks to all those people making mention of us on Twitter, on Instagram, and in the media. It’s also fun when notable people stop by; it makes us feel all warm on the inside. It turns out that the celebrity magazines were right, “Famous people, they are just like us…” and that means they love to throw axes here.

Forged Axe Throwing in the News 

With that in mind, here is a close look at some of the media we’ve received, as well as a look at who has stopped by and made us famous by association. Thanks guys!

Vancouver Canucks Stop By for a Visit

At the end of June 2018, some of our favourite Vancouver Canucks players stopped by to see if they could transfer their on-ice skills to the axe throwing arena. Turns out, they weren’t too bad at it. Tyler Madden, Jarid Lukosevicius, Adam McMaster, Adam Rockwood, and Ben Copeland took a few rounds at the bullseye, all hankering for the belt. Unfortunately, boys, the belt is for league members only – but we will happily welcome you into our local’s league. Maybe your hockey stats will play out over on 81 Score?

Mountain Life Explores Axe Throwing

We teamed up with BATL to show Mountain Life to roots of axe throwing in this great country of ours. Mountain Life took the time to explore how axe throwing started, and where it is today. They had a few nice things to say about us if we do say so ourselves!

 “Forged, founded as a result of a close friendship between James Anderson And Brett Easton, is the product of a love the for the outdoors. The founders saw axe-throwing as a natural progression for those who love the outdoor activities, and it has since blossomed into an effective community building tool in Whistler and beyond.”

Vancouver is Awesome Talks About How Awesome We Are

According to Vancouver is Awesome, “There’s a new reason to visit Whistler this spring and it involves competitive axe throwing.” While many of our visitors are what we like to call “out-of-towners” for anyone sticking around for a season or more, we also host a Monday’s Local League. Our friends over at Vancouver is Awesome took a moment to highlight our locals night.

Locals league is perfect for professionals and novice axe throwers alike because you get all season to hone your craft and meet people from your local community at the same time. Even if you are nervous about the possible danger of hucking shape pieces of metal around, don’t worry, it’s not like “people are running around with axes.” Ask James, who was quoted as saying,

“It’s a lot safer than people think. I think bowling is probably more dangerous.”

Whistler Insider Digs into Our Back Story

Ever wonder why axe throwing? Why Whistler? Well, Whistler Insider interviews our fearless leaders, Brett and James, about how this crazy adventure all began. According to Whistler Insider, Brett and James are “Both incredibly adept throwers, the duo can have anyone sinking an axe into the target in a matter of minutes.” These were some very nice words, although we can see the egos of this duo growing exponentially…..

Red Bull Riders Come to Town and Get Hucking

We were lucky enough to host some other notables in June, including Rebull’s own Rob Warner and Finn Iles. During their trip through Finn’s backyard, Whistler and Squamish, they stop by at Forged Axe Throwing. We have to admit their competitive nature really shone through, and they even got us stoked on something we do every day!

We’ve been sharing this video non-stopped since they came through, we had stars in our eyes the entire time. If you’ve got time, the full-length video is a great look into a hometown hero on his rise to total World Domination. We cannot wait to see where Finn Iles goes and will be rooting for him from the axe cages.

If this video got you stoked to try mountain biking in Whistler, take a few tips from the experts.

Feel Good and Travel Mentions Us In Their Insiders Guide To Whistler

In the words of Feel Good and Travel, “There is really something hugely entertaining and addictive about this very different pastime that will unleash your inner lumberjack in you and your friends,” and we tend to agree. Because it doesn’t seem to matter if you are a professional athlete, or an 80-pound 16-year-old, in short order we can get you landing bullseyes. Of course, we have to thank our hosts for their fine job of showing you how it’s done. Thanks to Feel Good and Travel for getting the word out.

But Brett is Still Waiting on Dan Bilzerian

Despite repeated attempts to get his attention, Brett still hasn’t gotten a chance to throw down with Dan Bilzerian. We’ve heard rumours of Dan making appearances in Whistler on his adventures researching marijuana, but he hasn’t taken the bait. Next time we’ll bring babes, beats, and blunts, I hear those are things he loves.


Now that you’ve seen how popular we are (no big deal), we would love to see you down in Function Junction. Join us for an hour of axe throwing, or a season of league and get to know our little axe throwing family. We can’t wait to see you, and throw down in the arena!