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8 Spots You Need To Instagram On Your Next Trip to Whistler

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If you’re looking for a place to create envy-inducing Instagram posts, you could do a lot worse than Whistler. From the snow-capped mountains to the quaint pedestrian village, and from the crystal clear lakes to the trendy cafes, there’s plenty of great spots to snap some Whistler photos. In fact, with nearly 2 million posts already tagged #whistler, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your perfect shot.

But with some many Whistler views to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. So we thought we’d share some insider tips to capture the best Whistler photos.

Whistler is the Perfect Destination to Up Your Instagram Game

Let’s be honest, even your grandma could capture some half-decent insta shots in Whistler. It doesn’t take a pro photographer: the pristine, wild landscapes do most of the work for you. Really, all you have to do is get outside, go explore, and find some of the best Whistler views for yourself. Here’s a few ideas for inspiration. But bonus points if you get off the beaten track and create some unique Whistler photos of your own!

  • Inukshuk

The classic Inukshuk shot is a must-have Whistler instagram post. An inukshuk is a traditional stone landmark used by some of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. Several were built around Whistler for the 2010 Olympic Games, and they’re still here today, drawing crowds for the perfect Whistler photo opportunity. You can find them at the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Or if that’s a bit adventurous, you can stumble across on in the village too.

  • Black Tusk

It may not be in Whistler, but Black Tusk provides the perfect backdrop to every Whistler adventure. With its iconic, unmistakable shape, it’s a surefire way to show your followers that you’ve made it to the best resort in the world. You can grab some amazing shots of the view from Whistler peak to Black Tusk. Or you can hike right up to the base of Black Tusk in summer and get a different perspective on this classic Whistler view.

  • On the Lift

It wouldn’t be a trip to Whistler without at least one chairlift selfie. Whether you’re caught in a blizzard, cruising in the sunshine, or hitting up the bike park in summer, a chairlift shot says: I’m living the dream. Make sure to turn around and capture the views too. Peak chairlift offers one of the best backdrops of a chairlift shot. But we also love the views from Big Red, Crystal and Seventh Heaven. Or if a chairlift isn’t scary enough for you, why not head to the new Cloudraker Skybridge for a truly vertigo-inducing snap?

  • Forged Axe

These days, you can’t come to Whistler without indulging in Canada’s new favourite sport: axe throwing. Throw on a plaid shirt and hurl some hatchets with us at Forged for the ultimate Canadian instagram snap. Extra points if you a) bring a whole team of good-looking, plaid-wearing, Whistler-lovers or b) score a bullseye. We’ll even throw one of our handsome axe throwing hosts (or maybe one of our cute dogs) into the mix to help you get the perfect shot!

  • Rainbow Park

For the best summer Whistler photos, head over to Rainbow Park. You’ll have to walk or cycle down the valley trail from the village to get here, and it’s worth the journey. On the shores of Alta Lake, Rainbow Park offers the best views of both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. There are few better places to spend a long sunny day swimming, playing volleyball, and BBQing. And naturally you have to capture it all for the insta! If you don’t make it to Rainbow Park, there are plenty of other lakes in Whistler that make for a great photo opportunity too.

  • Peak 2 Peak 

It would be a crime to leave Whistler without the classic Peak 2 Peak shot! The highest, longest gondola in the world lives up to the hype, offering 360-degree views of the entire valley through the whole 11 minute journey. Capture this unique perspective on Whistler with a shot right over the middle of the valley, 600m off the ground! Even better if you snag one of the glass-bottomed gondolas and you can get a shot looking straight down – if you dare.

  • Brandywine Falls


There are few natural sights more awe-inspiring than a towering, tumbling waterfall. And there are plenty of those around Whistler. Brandywine Falls is one of our favourites. It’s only a few minutes south of Whistler, towards Vancouver, and is over 70m tall. Of course it’s stunning in summer, but even better in winter when the cascading water freezes into an icefall that simply doesn’t look real. Once you’ve ticked Brandywine off the list, check out some of Whistler’s other epic waterfalls and grab a shot there too.

  • North Arm Farm

Take a trip up the Sea to Sky Highway (stopping at some more beautiful spots along the way) to Pemberton for this next one. North Arm Farm is a family-run farm that sells delicious local produce, offers amazing brunch on Saturday’s, and some great opportunities for awesome instagram posts. Not only is the farm located right in front of the towering Mount Currie, in the fall you can pick pumpkins, take a cute wagon ride, and if you’re lucky meet their resident (adorable) cats. All of which make for adorable Instagram posts!

What to Hashtag Your Whistler Instagram Photo?

With so many people singing Whistler’s praises on Instagram, how do you get yours to stand out? Aside from finding some unique angles and hidden secrets, here are some popular local hashtags that will help you share your Whistler-love with the world.


Seems obvious, but we have to say it! With over 1,900,000 posts, there’s a lot going on at #whistler. So you’ve gotta include your best Whistler photos in this amazing archive of beautiful mountain views and trip-planning inspiration.


A hashtag that captures how most people feel to be in Whistler! There is a whole lot of stoke in this town: for good times, great adventures and even greater friends. Share the Whistler stoke by adding #themoststoked to your post. You can even win some awesome prizes (like free adventures in Whistler) in competitions run by the @themoststoked account.


There are so many unique experiences, views, and places in Whistler, it’s only natural that #onlyinwhistler is a hugely popular hashtag. Whether you bumped into a bear on the valley trail, rode the biggest zipline in North America, or enjoyed some apres at the legendary Longhorn’s Grill, it’s worth celebrating the things you can only find here in Whistler.


It’s true that Whistler isn’t the only beautiful spot in BC (check out a few other destinations not to miss on your BC road trip). There’s nearly 3 million posts on #beautifulbc and all of them will give you serious wanderlust. Add yours into the mix and inspire more like-minded travellers to take a trip to Whistler.


One of the most popular Whistler hashtags (with over 69,000 posts), #whistlerunfiltered collects great content that shows the true Whistler. There’s local events, heartwarming stories, and of course plenty of mountains.You’ll see why people really love it here, and find inspiration for your next post.

#ridenowsleeplater and #getthegoods

If you’re in Whistler for some gravity-assisted adventure, make sure to tag your posts with the official Whistler Blackcomb hashtags. #ridenowsleeplater brings together jaw-dropping shots from Whistler Bike Park during the summer season, while #getthegoods is the place to get excited for the winter season.

5 Whistler-Based Instagram Accounts to Follow

  • Forged Axe Throwing

We don’t just post photos of axes over here at Forged (@forged.axe.throwing). Although we do that quite a lot, cos we love ‘em. Follow us to be the first to hear about our awesome events, our locals league, and fun updates from around Whistler. If you come and throw a few axes, and wear some awesome costumes, we might even feature you on our feed!

  • Whistler Adventures

If you’re looking for ideas, tips, and tons of help planning your Whistler vacation, follow right now. You’ll find loads of information about all the epic activities available here and some cheeky locals’ tips on finding the best deals too.

  • Whistler Blackcomb

Not only do Whistler Blackcomb (@whistlerblackcomb) post some killer Whistler views that will get you pumped for your trip, they also provide heaps of info about the mountain. If you’re here for a ski or bike trip, follow them for updates on conditions, sweet deals, and upcoming events.

  • Mike Douglas

Mike Douglas (@mikedski) is one of the coolest dudes in Whistler, and a true Whistler local. He transformed freeride skiing back in the 90s (along with Shane McConkey), and now he’s a filmmaker, climate change advocate, and still a sick skier. His feed combines photos of Whistler at it’s best with his unique, local perspective, to give you an inspiring look at what it’s like to be a Whistler legend.

  • Robin O’Neill

Robin (@robinoneill) is a local pro photographer with an eye for capturing Whistler at it’s very best. Her artistic, moody photos will have you pining for the mountains and the forests in no time. Her feed captures the spirit of Whistler and the truly epic scale of the natural wonders around here. She’s also a badass skier in her own right, and not gonna lie, we kinda want her life!

Don’t Miss out on the Best Whistler Photos!

There you have it – we’ve given you a headstart to having a strong Whistler instagram game. Mountains, lakes, forests, and friendly faces are all must-have Whistler photos will you’re here. If you’re looking for more inspiration, and you take a great selfie, check out our favourite Whistler selfie spots too. And of course, tag us in your best Whistler instagram posts!