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News & Events In Whistler


Insider’s Guide to Creekside, Whistler


When you think of Whistler, we know what your brain might immediately gravitate toward – the beautiful, Christmas light-lined, perpetual holiday picture of Whistler Village. While the Village is glorious (no matter what season you’re visiting in), there’s another spot in the Whistler area you might not know about that will open your eyes to…

Whistler Craft Beer: Where to Quench Your Thirst in 2019

Banner - Craft Beer

The craft beer scene has been going off in British Columbia for over a decade now, and while the main event will always be in Vancouver, the fever is spreading up the Sea to Sky Corridor. Now Whistler, home to a surprising number of gourmet restaurants, is also home to a budding craft beer scene….

The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day in Whistler: An Itinerary

Valentines day Banner

If we understand anything at Forged Axe Throwing, we understand what it takes to make the perfect date. The number of people who have come through our doors, thrown some axes, and fallen in love – it’s incredible really. There is just something about the smell of wood, sharp objects and the sense of competition…

Where to Eat in Whistler: Breakfast Edition

Banner Whistler Breakfast

You yawn, stretch your legs and roust yourself out of your warm, cozy, bed. You slide your feet into your fuzzy slippers, open the blinds, and look out on the snow-covered mountains. It’s the perfect moment – or, it would be, if only you had a delicious Whistler breakfast to look forward to.

Exploring Whistler: Function Junction


While Function Junction has historically been dismissed to the industrial and rather mechanical spaces of Whistler, it is now an up and coming artistically driven neighbourhood. Like many other cities where entrepreneurs strive to find space within an expensive rental market, Function Junction has helped to fill this void for many of the creative people…