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News & Events In Whistler


The Top 11 Whistler Winter Outdoor Activities


When you think about Whistler – the snowy mountains, the wintery landscape, flakes falling on the Village – it’s not hard to imagine the amount of outdoor, winter activities that are available to you. Sure, there are always the basics skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights – all exciting and fun options. But did you know there…

Whistler Beer Festival 2019 (A Sneak Peak)

Banner Whistler beer festival

There’s never a bad time for beer aficionados to visit Whistler. But there is one weekend of the year when the village transforms into a true beer-drinkers’ heaven. For a few days, the Whistler Beer Festival takes over the village. With craft breweries from far and wide, the Whistler Beer Festival gives locals and visitors…

The Ultimate Whistler Bachelorette Party Guide

Banner-Bachelorette Party 2019

Whatever you decide to do for your soon-to-married friend, Whistler is the best place to plan an unforgettable Bachelorette party. Whether you want to take the bride out shopping, go for an adventure in the mountains, or hit up the hottest places to party, Whistler has it all. While it’s tradition to head to Vegas…

The Ultimate Guide to the 4 Lakes of Whistler

Banner Whistler lakes

Summer in Whistler is hands-down awesome. The sun is shining, the days are long, and you’re in a world-class mecca of outdoor adventure. And one of the most under-rated, but best parts of summer in Whistler is the lakes. The locals know it all too well, when the temperatures start to soar, the only place…

The Top 10 Whistler Festivals – Updated for 2019

Banner Whistler Festivals top 10

When it comes to festivities in Whistler, you can be sure of one thing – there’s never a shortage. Whether you’re searching for a kid’s festival, an outdoor festival, a food festival, or even a beer festival (yeah, you heard us – an entire festival dedicated to beer), Whistler has it, and more than that,…

Ironman Whistler 2019 | Full Breakdown including Course, Accommodation and More

Banner Iron Man Whistler

There are tons of epic events in Whistler in the summer. But none comes close to the sheer challenge and intensity of the Ironman Canada. One of the most picturesque, but also most difficult Ironman courses in the world, it draws athletes from around the globe every year. Held on a sunny weekend in July,…

You Complete Guide to Tough Mudder Whistler 2019

Banner - Forged Tough Mudder 2019

UPDATE 2020: In January 2020, Tough Mudder was sold to Spartan Races. Stay tuned for updates to the Whistler Event. Whistler in summer is full of tough physical challenges, and even tougher athletes. To be fair, it’s hard not to be inspired to push yourself when there’s all those dramatic peaks around just waiting to…

Where to Stay: Whistler Hostels – Updated 2019

Forged Whistler hostels 2019

At Forged-Axe Throwing, we have a long, long, history of hostel jumping both in Canada and abroad. We wanted to concentrate that breadth of experienced and apply it to the local hostels in Whistler. After all, we have literally seen it all. From a hostel in Nicaragua where every toilet was flooded, to one in…

How to get to Whistler, BC

whistler photo of the mountains

  When considering the choicest ski or mountain bike holiday destination, one automatically thinks of getting to Whistler! After all, much of what the rest of the world hears about Canada is how cold it is there; how much it snows. We have all seen those videos do the rounds. Whistler is one of the…

Top 13 Activities Entertaining Wedding Guests in Whistler

Banner Wedding Activities Guests

Whistler weddings are popular. Everyone comes here to get married. And it’s not hard to understand why. With beautiful landscapes and plenty of luxury venues, there’s no end to unique and memorable Whistler wedding ideas. Bride and groom kisisng after wedding